Toy Musical 3 Test Pack (Vol. 0)

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Toy Musial 3 TestPack (Vol.0)
included Nanashi-Groove 2

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released at 2012.4.2 / 220 MB (231,520,433 bytes)
MD5: 5b80e846aff738963e18974f427e33c2
SHA1: a344258062535e4a593540e9686734291e169da9


update pack ver 0.2 (05/02)

05/02 update ver 0.2
*When you finish downloading and extracting the TestPack, please overwrite existing files.

Update History Information

05/02 ver0.2
  • bugfix : failure of resetting result.
    e.g. for retrying the STANDARD MODE.
  • add the new function :
    press [R] : select music at random from music list.
  • some new books have come in. let’s find!
04/04 ver0.1
  • fixed the glitch : sometimes you’re certified as “FAILED” though you meet the condition for “CLEARED”.
  • If you’ve already configured the keyconfig, please backup the “settings” folder, contained in the “nanasi2_data” folder.

Document Disclaimer

  • Toy Musical and Nanashi-Groove 2 are only Japanese.
  • This “Toy musical 3 Vol.0″ is trial version. For the Nanashi-Groove2 is in test phase, you may experience unexpected failure.
  • It needs more times for loading when you start this first time. If you hate waiting, I recommend you to spend a time reading while loading, and please enjoy “Toy Musical 3″ with your generous heart.
  • the default key setting for playing music is below:
    • Z(Left white)
    • S(Left yellow)
    • X(Left green)
    • D(Left blue)
    • C(Red)
    • F(Right blue)
    • V(Right green)
    • G(Right yellow)
    • B(Right white)